Changes Coming to Tucson’s Vape Escape!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to take a moment and tell you guys about the changes that we are making here at Tucson’s Vape Escape.  Over the last year Chris and I have been working very diligently in advocacy and trying to make sure we are ensuring we are doing things right.  During the last year, we have made a lot of changes to our liquid manufacturing room.  I wanted to take a moment and fill you all in on the changes.

When we started TVE two years ago, we were in a tiny 200 sqft Juice Room.  Last year, we took over the unit next to our retail location and doubled the size of our juice room and made some changes.  We instituted non-porous surfaces, stainless sink, etc.  Right now, we are about 95% done with a remodel that has moved our Liquid Manufacturing Room up to 1000 sqft with above commercial kitchen standards.  All of our Liquid Manufacturing Techs wear full PPE, lab coats, gloves, safety glasses, hair nets and beard nets (if applicable).  All of our surface are completely non-porous, our walls and floors and sealed.

During the last year we joined SFATA and then about a month and a half ago we joined the AZ SFATA Chapter.  Misty is the Treasurer of the local chapter.  During the first meeting we had that included the Director of SFATA, we realized that we still have some work to go in making sure we are following GMP (good manufacturing practices)  There are a lot of changes we need to make, and to not cause too much shock to the system for us and our beloved customer’s we are taking them slowly.  These changes aren’t to make our lives easier, it is to ensure that we are making the correct and most responsible move on our part for the industry.

We have currently cut out any custom blending that we did in store.  We did this because we will need to start to be able to create batches and track them in case any of our nicotine, base or flavoring companies come out and tell us that there was a mistake.  We want to be able to let everyone know who has a bottle from any of what was used so that they can come and get a replacement.  It would be impossible to do that with custom blending, so that had to go.

The next step we are taking is to revamp our e-liquid offerings.  We will be removing flavors that are old, not selling well or can be replaced with better formulations.  This cuts down on the amount of batch information we have to track and samples that we need to store.  The in-store menu and the website will be reflecting those changes.  We are putting the new flavors up on the website and removing the older flavors.  If you happen to see that you’re favorite flavor is missing, we will be happy to allow you to pick up that flavor until the end of May, but after then – they will be no longer available for purchase.  In most cases, we will have a newer version – or something that is similar to it that is replacing it – just ask us!

In the coming months there will be a few other changes that will happen and we will keep you abreast of them as we go.  Please keep in mind that we are doing this because we feel it is the responsible decision to make to ensure that our industry can stay around.  We’ve had a good run with being able to do what we’d like – now it is time to start implementing practices that show that we take this budding industry seriously and want to see it blossom to its full potential!

Thank you for your continued support, we appreciate and value every one of our customer’s and hope you will continue to support us as we make the changes to help protect our current vaper’s and the vaper’s that haven’t had a chance to realize what a great nicotine alternative this is!

Thank you,

Chris and Misty

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