Insights into The Vaping Movement

During the last year, the vaping movement has had well, a lot of movement.  We got the deeming regulations from the FDA, we started getting slammed left and right with legislation from multiple states that will continue on this year.  We have seen multiple people that have put their heads in the ground and think that everyone else will fight for their rights.  They aren’t wrong, there will be people fighting for Vaper’s Rights and fighting against excessive taxation.  What they are wrong about is that it does take every.single.vaper for this movement to really have some teeth.

In order for us to really have a good fight on our hands, we need the collective vapors to set aside the nit picking of other vaper’s because they don’t use authentic gear, because they DIY their own juice, because they use an ego or because they blow clouds.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter – we can squabble about this after we’ve secured the right for every single one of us to have that argument.  In addition, we need to keep up the fight for the millions upon millions of current tobacco users to see that there is a nicotine delivery system out there that allows for harm reduction and that works for managing your nicotine cravings!

As a vendor and a consumer, I do my diligence to ensure that the people I purchase through are fighting the good fight with us.  I’m not interested in giving my hard earned money, or giving my customer’s options to spend their hard earned money on, vendors that do not support the fight.  There are soo many options of activism and advocacy out there, I don’t care if you choose to support the groups that I do – I just want to make sure you are doing something for the fight.  I want to make sure that you are just as passionate about seeing this industry grow and thrive versus just only making money.

I support businesses that support me.  I would encourage every single vaper to ask their preferred vape shop or online company to ask “What are you doing in fighting for our Vaping Rights?!”  If they can’t answer that – try to get them involved.  As a business owner, it can get very overwhelming to remember everything and sometimes that push is all that is needed.  If they don’t want to support you – why support them?  In addition to that, I would ask that you get involved.  If you can’t make it to the legislative meetings, write letters and ALWAYS include I Vape and I Vote.

Make sure you sign up with CASAA (  It is absolutely free, however you can donate to them to help pay for the lawyer’s and other things that it takes to have an advocacy group.  They are a Not for Profit.  They will send you out Calls to Action in your area about what is coming up, they will give you forms that you just fill in the blanks and send off to your local people so that your voices can be heard.  If you want more of a boots on the ground movement – look into The Vaping Militia ( You can like their Facebook page and help out with calls to action there, if you’re inclined you can financially support that group if you’d like.  The Vaping Militia isn’t a Not for Profit because they want the option to Lobby against the government, which a Not for Profit can not do.  You can get involved at a local level, and if you don’t have something on the local level – you can contact the Vaping Militia and they will help you get a local advocacy group going and give you pointers!

This legislation year will be hard on us Vaper’s.  Don’t be a passive by-stander!  Stand up and use your voice to the best of your ability!

Tucson’s Vape Escape are proud supporters of CASAA, The Vaping Militia and SFATA!


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